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Friday, February 25, 2011

Artist Interview: Joshua Nierodzinski

Painted portraits of the sculptural kind, situational words connected to a squeaky, clicking mouse. With or without looking, a studied color documentation is being made and things are growing. Changing.

Listen in during this in-depth two part conversation with Brooklyn based artist, Joshua Nierodzinski. Audio players for both part one and two (some strong language) can be found below...

ASL 36" x 36"
charcoal on paper

studio series: stevens 16" x 20"

studio series: treacy 16" x 20"

8 bit series: nathaniel

DITI series: head 10" x 10"

DITI series: back 10" x 14"

Artist's website: Joshua Nierodzinski

In part one below, Joshua and I talk about his paintings, including studio life, working with the figure, working in series and so much more:

In part two below, Joshua and I talk about his band Fire Bush (no longer active) which he played drums for. Joshua Nierodzinski and I also talk about word play, and he even reads some of his word plays that used to be on his website, a truly rare happening! 

To listen to Fire Bush, and for free downloads, visit the bandcamp page by clicking here: Fire Bush

Artists mentioned in the conversation: 
Antonio Lopez Garcia
Lucian Freud
Adrian Ghenie

(Podcast intro music by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips)

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