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Monday, September 30, 2019

Artist Interview: Kate Frazer Rego

Words of the day: inspiration. threshold. aging. narrative. nuance.

New Bedford, MA based artist Kate Frazer Rego is this episode's guest. Kate shares how it was important to receive support in her younger years as an artist. As a result, she knew early on that 3-dimensional work was where she was headed. Though Kate does also make text based paintings to extend her subject matter (see below).
Plenty of good art name-drops in this one, and one great quote from Langston Hughes. Listen below for more!  (some strong language, just a heads-up!)


 My Old Lady, My Old Man


Dick Garden


Kate Frazer Rego

The artist's website: Kate Frazer Rego

Instagram: @katefrazerrego

Audio interview with the artist:

Mentioned in the interview:
Joseph Cornell
Margaret Sanger
Nancy Spero
Sheela na gig carvings
Doris Salcedo
Stephen Mueller
Frida Kahlo
Diego Rivera
Lee Krasner
Jackson Pollock
Langston Hughes
Christian Boltanski
Kat Cope
Kelly Savage
Louise Bourgeois
Marie Antoinette
Westbeth Gallery
Stevie Nicks
Gogol Bordello
Tracey Emin

Podcasts mentioned:

ahtcast (You are here) 

Quote shared by Kate during the interview:

“Folks, I'm telling you,
birthing is hard
and dying is mean-
so get yourself
a little loving
in between.”

-Langston Hughes

Thank you for listening! 

(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)