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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Artist Interview: Kat Knutsen works on the Loving Vincent film

Words of the day: brushstroke. animate. palette. blue. technique.

New Bedford, Massachusetts based artist Kat Knutsen joins ahtcast to talk about her experience working on the Loving Vincent film. Loving Vincent is an animated film, telling an important part of the Vincent van Gogh story, using oil paintings created in the style of the artist himself. 

Working at the film's painting studio in Gdansk, Poland for a number of months, Knutsen was immersed in the production that turned out thousands of paintings for the project. Kat painted upwards of 80 oil paintings for the film herself. Mixing. mixing, mixing, and even counting paint-strokes at times as her paintings came together. Listen below as she shares more from the experience.

Kat Knutsen's work space during film production. Dr. Gachet is the featured character in this painting. 

Audio interview:

 Kat Knutsen

The artist's website: Kat Knutsen

Loving Vincent theatrical trailer:

The film opens in New York City on September 22nd, with a wider US release shortly thereafter. More info can be found on the film's official website here: Loving Vincent

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