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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Artist Interview: Lisa Kellner

Words of the day: color. contemplative. minimal. awkward. woven.

Welcome Lisa Kellner to the program! She joins us from Deer Isle, Maine from her local library, how cool! 

In the conversation we dive into the 3 to 5 words to describe the paintings question, of course, as well as their influences and ideas, a little bit about titles. Also part of the interview is a tip on how to stay out of trouble while painting, writing in 3 different books as part of her studio practice, and so much more…listen below!


The Ride

Oil on canvas

60 x 60 inches

Land and Sea Series





48 x 32 inches


Deconstructed Paintings Series

At Dusk Everything Glows

Acrylic and oil on canvas

48 x 30 inches



49 x 42 inches


Deconstructed Paintings Series

All Roads Lead II

Acrylic polymer on canvas

24 x 24 inches


Audio interview with the artist:

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Lisa Kellner in her studio
The artist's website: Lisa Kellner
 instagram: @lisakellnerstudio
Mentioned in the interview:
Giorgio Morandi
Donald Woods Winnicott
Lisa Kellner's upcoming shows:
Three person exhibition
Featuring the work of Jean Jack, Lisa Kellner, and Adam Umbach
Opening August 17th
Running August 17th through September 17th 2023
Carver Hill Gallery
Camden, ME
Everything Already Then
Solo exhibition
Opening September 8th
Runs September 7th through the 13th 2023
Granite Gallery
Tenants Harbor, ME

Congrats, Lisa. And thanks for the conversation! 

Thanks for listening, listeners! 

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