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Monday, May 23, 2022

Artist Interview: Ronan Bowes

Words of the day: transitive. tension. experimentation. looking. passages.

This episode's guest is Ronan Bowes! In the conversation you'll hear Ronan share some of his early formative experiences with art and how they helped him in the right direction. Also what practice helped shape his identity as an artist, he expresses his love of materials and how work can take on the studio patina, also part of the interview is talk of painting as installation and blurring the lines of painting and constructions...listen below for more...

I also wanted to send a quick thank you to previous Ahtcast guest Heather Yip for sending me an interview question for Ronan, thanks Heather!




oil, wood, plaster and spray paint

approx. 94 x 20 x 20 cm / 37 x 8 x 8 in



oil on canvas

196 x 178 cm / 77 x 70 in




oil on canvas with artist frame

126 x 98 cm / 50 x 39 in

inset studio installation with wall, steel and concrete 




installation North wall (detail) 

work on paper with expanded painting on studio wall and wood

approx. 12ft x 20ft


You Are Here

mixed media on recycled wood with artist frame

152 x 122 cm / 60 x 48 in




Audio interview with the artist:

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The artist's website: Ronan Bowes
 instagram: @ronan_o_buadhaigh
Visit Ronan Bowes' solo show 'Decompression' online May 7th through May 29th 2022 at: Gallery 545
Mentioned in the interview:
Rita Duffy
Billy Connoly
Catherine Haggarty
Hilary Doyle
New York Crit Club
Katharina Grosse
Helen O'Leary
Susan Carr
James Kalm
Art 21
Louisiana Channel
Helen Frakenthaler
Elizabeth Murray
Joan Mitchell
Richard Tuttle
Etel Adnan
Mainie Jellet
Roy Holt
Basil Blackshaw
William Crozier
Bram Bogart
Frank Stella
Arshile Gorky
El Greco
Jackson Pollock
 Philip Guston
Francis Bacon
Many thanks to Ronan Bowes for the conversation, and congratulations on your show 'Decompression' goes out to you!
And thank you for listening! 
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Monday, March 14, 2022

Artist Interview: Guest Host Lauren Levine interviews Paul Behnke

Words of the day: figuration. abstraction. sketchbook. practice. driven.

Guest host Lauren G. Levine takes over the interview mic to talk with fellow painter Paul Behnke about his work and practice, as well as his move to Taos, NM with his wife.

Paul also shares his thoughts about ways of working on his paintings, his sketchbook practice, and how his current living conditions and location influence, or don’t influence, his current body of work. And more…listen below...

2 paintings by guest host Lauren Levine:

In The Grasses, Underfoot

Oil on canvas


72 x 60 inches

What's the Sky's Name Again?

Oil on canvas


72 x 60 inches


 Guest host, painter Lauren G. Levine



2 paintings by featured interview guest Paul Behnke:


 Spirit Double

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas


44 x 42 inches




Acrylic on canvas


44 x 42 inches



Featured interview guest, painter Paul Behnke in his studio Taos, NM, photo by Robin Stout



Audio conversation between Levine and Behnke:

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More from Lauren Levine and Paul Behnke:

Levine's website: Lauren Levine

instagram: @laurenglevineart
Paul's website: Paul Behnke 
instagram: @paulbehnkepaintings 
Mentioned in the conversation:
Jack Kirby
John Hoyland
Rorschach test
Debra Ramsay
James Kalm
Wassily Kandinsky
Patrick Graham
Lawrence Durrell
Nicole Eisenman
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 
Emil Nolde
Henry Miller
Graham Dane
Many thanks to guest host Lauren G. Levine. And also to Paul Behnke for being a great guest! I'm grateful for their conversation.
 Thanks for listening!
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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Artist Interview: Barbara Laube

Words of the day: history. ritual. open. magic. portrait. 

This episode’s guest is Barbara Laube. In the conversation you’ll hear personal accounts and connections between the artist and her work. As well as the surprising, and not so surprising, places the work derives from. Also a list of artists’ studios she would like to visit. 

This interview also features a few questions submitted by previous guest Brigid Watson. And more…..listen below:

Dorothy's Dress

15 x 8 inches

oil on linen


Install of small works

Morning Has Broken

5 x 4 inches

oil on linen on panel



 7 x 5 inches

oil on canvas


Barbara Laube in her studio

Audio interview with the artist:

The artist's website: Barbara Laube

instagram: @barbaralaube



Morning Has Broken 

runs February 12th through March 20th 2022 

With a reception on Saturday March 5th from 2 - 5 pm

at Gold/scopophilia in Montclair, NJ



 Mentioned in the interview: 

 Vincent van Gogh

Jackson Pollock 

Willem de Kooning

Franz Kline

Bill Jensen

Barnett Newman

Mark Rothko

Giorgio Morandi



della Francesca


Many thanks go out to previous ahtcast guest Brigid Watson for collaborating on questions for this interview!


Congratulations on Morning Has Broken, and thanks for the conversation, Barbara!




(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)

Monday, January 24, 2022

Artist Interview: Sabine Tress | Space Oddities

Words of the day: gesture. vulnerability. consciousness. Zero gravity.

For this episode Sabine Tress returns to the podcast, from her studio in Cologne, Germany, to discuss the work in her solo show Space Oddities. 

This conversation acts mostly as a virtual tour of Sabine’s exhibition. It details the relationships between the actual exhibition space, the paintings, the viewer, and the painter herself. Somehow I make my way into the mix as well. 

I did not know this interview would journey in the direction it did, it wasn’t until editing did I realized how these states were apparent. This recording creates a virtual venue where the show takes place for those who can’t make it to the brick and mortar space, and yet helps make it a show not to miss in person. Listen below...


180 x 140cm/70 x 55in

acrylic on canvas



180 x 140cm/70 x 55in

acrylic on canvas


Ma Vie Sous Marine

180 x 140cm/70 x 55in 

spray and acrylic on canvas



Audio interview with the artist:



The artist's website: Sabine Tress


  Space Oddities runs through February 12th 2022

at Esther Verhaeghe Art Concepts

Brussles, Belgium


More info on the show: Esther Verhaeghe Art Concepts


  Esther Verhaeghe and Sabine Tress!




She's vague

180 x 140cm/70 x 55in

acrylic and spray on canvas


Sabine Tress,...congrats and thanks for the conversation!



(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)