warning: sometimes swear words come out of our mouths.

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About and Contact

Hello Listeners,

Welcome. My name is Phillip J. Mellen and I hail from the state of Massachusetts, USA. Hence the ‘Bostonian accent’ stand-in: "aht" for "art". It’s ahtcast. 

Ahtcast is a word, a partially made up word. It is a podcast. It is a podcast that aims to discover the passions, through the investigation of process, of the artist and their work, studio practice and inspirations etc.

The backbone of each interview is the set of questions that are asked in each interview. They are a vehicle for dialogue. They are designed to gain insights and are a catalyst for open conversation. These questions often yield some very personal stories behind why artists do what they do and how they do it.

I hope you enjoy the content shared in these interviews. Thank you for listening and stay tuned for some insights into the thoughts and processes of artists working today.  

Phillip J. Mellen
contact: ahtcast [at] gmail [dot] com

 "I cannot expect even my own art to provide all of the answers – only to hope it keeps asking the right questions." —Grace Hartigan

During his September 2011 interview, Brad Fesmire asks about ahtcast:

During her January 2013 interview, Sabine Tress asks about ahtcast:
Artist, Steve Adair on ahtcast: "It keeps people like me involved in the whole movement. I chose not to do the grad school route-so podcasts like yours are a great resource for people who want to be connected to the whole studio critique."


  1. so, how does one get on your interview queue? If you look at my website and go to 'news' and scroll down I did a radio interview and also a blog interview so you can see if you'd have interest in an artist like me. www.janeohara.com

  2. Hi Jane,
    Thank you for asking about an interview. I will be sending you an email shortly.

  3. I would like to ask the same question. I do have a website:
    I realise that you can't interview everyone, and you may not like my work! But thank you for sharing these interviews, they are very interesting and helpful to me as an artist, and they help me to feel less isolated!

    1. Thank you, Fiona. I am interested in an interview. I will send you an email so we can work out the details.

  4. Hi Phillip! I sent you an email about a week ago...inquiring about the same as above. Here is the link to my website--let me know if you are interested in doing an interview sometime, I love talking about work/process/content. Thanks for looking!



    1. Hello Ashley,

      Thanks for asking about an interview! I will be emailing you, so that we can set something up.

  5. Hi! I just discovered your ahtcast. It looks great (I do stuff sometimes myself for Bad at Sports). I would like to listen to it on my Squeezebox radio, thus it must be by way of Podcast Alley. Thus I need a feed address. Something like http://feeds.wnyc.org/wnyc_lopate or http://www.archaeologychannel.org/rss/TACfeed.xml.
    I cannot find it on your site. Can you help me?