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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Artist Interview: Tim McFarlane

This interview is with Philadelphia based artist, Tim McFarlane. In the interview, McFarlane mentions how he discovered art in High-School and the effect it had on him. He also describes his process, in detail, and how the computer is sometimes a part of his practice. Dealing with creative block is also part of the discussion and how he has come to accept that taking a day away from the studio can bring a "fresh perspective" when returning to work. McFarlane also shares his personal 'mantra' for when studio life needs a recharge. Have a listen below for more!

  "Deer In The Headlights", 2013, acrylic on panel, 24" x 30"

 "Fragment (blue shadow)', 2013, acrylic on panel, 16" x 20"

 "Little Universe (night pond)", 2013, acrylic on panel, 16" x 20"

 "Pink Mirror", 2012, acrylic on panel, 36" x 36"

"Small Grey Mirror", 2013, acrylic on panel, 16" x 20"

The artist's website:  Tim McFarlane

Audio Interview with the artist:

 Tim McFarlane in his studio

Artists etc. mentioned in the interview:

Richard Diebenkorn
Richard Serra
Christopher Wool
Susan Rothenberg
Philip Guston

(podcast intro/outro music by Ani Difranco and Utah Phillips)