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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Artist Interview: Lorri Ott

A pain-staking process that produces subtle associations of pure existence. Invented color and found materials that are preciously married into poetic art objects. Join ahtcast during this great discussion with Ohio based artist, Lorri Ott. Listen below!

 "memories and sighs," 2009
resin, pigments, plastic bag, paint rag, duct tape
H 16" x w 13"

 "corsage," 2009
resin, pigments, plastic bag, oil paint, wood, glue, plastic mesh
h 14" x w 8" x d 1.5"

 "ballast," 2010
resin, pigments, roadway debris, house paint
H 7.75" x w 5.75"

 "bridge," 2011
resin, pigments, linen (on wood stretcher)
H 12" x w 9"

"untitled," 2012
resin, pigments, canvas (on wood stretcher)
h 12" x w 9"

Artist website: Lorri Ott

Interview with the Artist:

Artists mentioned in the talk:

Agnes Martin  
Dana Schutz
Susan Still Scott
Martha Clippinger
Steven Baris
Loren Munk at 25:08
Antoni Tapies
Mike Kelley
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Cy Twombly 
John Chamberlain 
Lucian Freud
Paul Cezanne
Henri Matisse
Giorgio Morandi
Alberto Giacometti
Joan Mitchell
Jackson Pollock
Eva Hesse
Richard Tuttle
Fabian Marcaccio
Jessica Stockhoder
Robert Rauschenberg
Vincent Fecteau
James Hyde 
Steve DiBenedetto
Michelle Segre

(podcast intro/outro music by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Artist Interview: Loren Munk

Join ahtcast with NY based Artist Loren Munk. Munk speaks on the importance being aware of what else is being made in the Artworld and how it is essential to build a "tribe" and support your fellow Artist. He also goes on to detail the benefits of being active in the social aspects of the internet community of Artists. Listen below!

 "An Attempt to Document...Williamsburg..." (2007-20011), 60 x 72 inches, oil on linen.

 'burg-n-Bush" (2011-2012), 30 x 70 inches, oil on linen.

 "Bushwick Map (study)" (2010-2012), 42 x 36 inches, oil on linen.

 "Members of the Artists' Club" (2009-2011), 72 X 60 inches, oil on linen.

 Artist's website: Loren Munk

Interview with the Artist:

Artists etc. mentioned in the talk:


The Brooklyn Rail

Ad Reinhardt
Alfred Jensen
Sol LeWitt
Chris Martin
William Powhida

(podcast intro/outro music: Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips)