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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Artist Interview: Amelia Briggs

Words of the day: color. scale. object. identity. character.

Nashville, TN based artist Amelia Briggs is this episode's guest, she pops in to share her inspirations and elements of her work and creative process, some cool words that she associates with her work, as well as how she chooses work for a show. 

Amelia also talks about identity, the nature and history of an object, and how mirrors are becoming a new and important element in her work....and more. Stay tuned and listen on the player below for more!

Polly Pom



 Belmont University install

 Studio pic

Amelia Briggs' website: Amelia Briggs 

Audio interview with the artist:

Thanks to artist Jamey Hart for sending me a few questions to ask Amelia.  

Mentioned in the inteview:

Podcasts: Bad at Sports 

Eva Hesse
Grace Hartigan
Rainer Maria Rilke

Evocative Objects: Things We Think With
edited by Sherry Terkle

Amelia Briggs' online exhibition, My World Got Soft, is up through June 21st over at Eve Leibe Gallery 

Thank you for listening! 

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Artist Interview: Susan Carr Revisited

Words of the day: material. zombies. directly. from. life. awareness.

Welcome! In this episode Cape Cod based artist Susan Carr returns to the ahtcast studio for a walk back into her work. Susan shares the personal stories behind her new visual work as well as her written pieces that can be found in her book "Tensions" published by Raw Meat Collective. 
Truly an important experience hearing Susan raise awareness on very real parts of life such as death, addiction, mental-illness, and how most importantly that all we have is today and right now...so make some art! Not to mention that Susan reads two of her written pieces for the episode!
Check out the work, and listen on the player below! 

The eyes traveled
enamel on rag 

Making friends with Zombies
oil on wood 

Big Momma
mixed with acrylic, plaster, and wood


More works by Susan:

Susan Carr on instagram: susancarr88

Audio interview:

Mentioned in the interview:

LABspace @labspace_art on instagram
Julie Torres
Ellen Letcher
LABspace will be hosting Susan's solo show "In My Room" late summer/early fall. Stay tuned to the gallery's instagram for updates! 
Brian Edmonds
Curating Contemporary
Susan Carr
Melanie Parke
Valerie Brennan
Sabine Tress
Mandy Lyn Ford
Ellen Siebers
Susan Carr's book "Tensions"
published by Raw Meat Collective with an introduction by Kyle Quinn.
More info by clicking the word "Tensions" in the line above! 

Thanks for listening! 

and Big Thanks to Susan Carr for sharing!


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Saturday, March 28, 2020

No Place Like Home: Poetry and Social Distancing

Here is a post quite different from what ahtcast is used to. Though visual art is still of importance, I felt called to record some local to me poets to do some readings from their homes and offer up some sharing on social distancing and coping. 

I hope we can feel together even though we are apart. And through technology available to us we can. Especially with live video streams of music performances, sharing more widely of the art we all are making, and poetry readings from afar. 

Thanks for tuning in, I truly hope you enjoy these recordings and may they take you somewhere deep inside your imagination, or outside in your memories. This will pass. Let's stick together out there from in here.


Part 1. 
Featuring readings of original poetry by Nick LeBlanc. Susan Carr. Kevin Seward. below:


 Part 2. Featuring readings of original poetry, and that of Maya Angelou, William Butler Yeats, and Mary Oliver, by Sarah Jane. Alex Perry. Jill Marie. below:

Some links etc:

Domesticated Primate website
and on instagram @domprimpub 

More work by Alex Perry: The Cataclysm Press

Susan Carr's book: "Tensions" 

More from Kevin Seward: Words and music on bandcamp: Nothing to do And also: Ghosts of New Jerusalem
Noise music by Kevin: Marshwalk

Additionally...please seek out Anomaly poetry on facebook, and on instagram @anomaly.poetry

No Place Like Home painting above by Jill Marie @illustrationsbyjill on instagram

Thanks so much to the poets for their readings and conversation. And to the listeners...thank you for tuning in. 

And to all, may we be safe and healthy.



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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Artist Interview: Lauren G. Levine

Words of the day: elemental. color. learning. direct. response. Ab. Ex. 

Lauren G. Levine, Boston based painter, joins ahtcast to talk painting, efficient painting, elemental painting, and painting!

We also talk about color, artists Lauren looks at, and how prepping canvas really can get things going in the studio. Also making its way into the conversation are which colors she uses to mix her deep darks and blacks. A real painter's episode,....Listen below for more!

 Big Blue
oil on canvas
48 x 48 inches

oil on canvas
60 x 48 inches

charcoal on paper
28.5 x 22.5 inches

oil on linen on panel
14 x 11 inches

charcoal on paper
28.5 x 22.5 inches

Mornings With Jonah
oil on canvas
60 x 48 inches

The artist's website: Lauren G. Levine

Audio interview:

Lauren G. Levine in her studio

Two person show at Groundwork in New Bedord, MA 
Ebb and Flow
Featuring work by Lauren G. Levine and Mark Phelan
1213 Purchase Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
Opening Reception:
March 14th 2020
Show runs through May 9th

Mentioned in the conversation:

Joan Mitchell
Jackson Pollock
Per Kirkeby
John Walker
Hans Hofmann
Lee Krasner
Grace Hartigan
9th Street Women
Amber Wallace
Clyfford Still
Tom Waits
Dirty Three
Man Falling 
Carmen Herrera

Thanks for listening! 

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Artist Interview: Cat Balco

Words of the day: joy. newness. magic. manual. looking.

In this episode I have a conversation with Hamden, Connecticut painter Cat Balco. Cat shares how she manages time and how having lots of time doesn't necessarily make good paintings. We also talk about the series of paintings in her current show My Exploding Stars. Cat fills us in on where these paintings came from in process, and how a studio visit can really be valuable to ones own progression. Listen below for more...

Blue Diamond
60 x 60 inches
Acrylic on canvas

Large Red Reach
72 x 72 inches
Acrylic on canvas

Wide Open Angles
72 x 72 inches
Acrylic on canvas

The artist's website: Cat Balco

Audio interview: 

Mentioned in the conversation:

Robert Reed
Jonathan Gregg
Joanna Newsom - the song: Sawdust and Diamonds
Saxon Shore
Ninth Street Women by Mary Gabriel
St. Augustine

My Exploding Stars
526 West 26th Street
Suite 417
New York, NY
Through Saturday February 1st 2020

Thank you for listening!

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Monday, January 20, 2020

Artist Interview: Renee Robbins | Part One and Part Two

Words of the day: microscopic. invented. cinematic. fantastical. Chicago.

This episode features Chicago based painter Renee Robbins. I think it's safe to say that there is plenty of enthusiasm on display in this interview regarding sea creatures, titling artwork, connecting with biologists, working in a series, and public artwork... 

If possible, I encourage you to check out Renee's work as you listen, especially the Daily Drawing series she had going through the course of one year!
The link for that page on her website: Daily Drawing series by Renee Robbins

Listen below for more...

 Buried Treasure
36 x 36 inches
acrylic on canvas 

48 x 72 inches
acrylic on canvas

 Hydrothermal Eyes
16 x 20 inches
acrylic on canvas

 Moon Pollinators 
36 x 36 inches
acrylic on canvas

 Siren Song
48 x 72 inches
acrylic on canvas

Audio interview with the artist:

Part One:

Part Two:

Renee Robbins in her studio

Mentioned in the conversation (in Part One and Part Two):

Dr. Seuss
The Nightmare Before Christmas movie
Annihilation movie

Martina Nehrling
Kerry James Marshall
Gwendolyn Brooks
Inka Essenhigh
Lee Bontecou
Barbara Takenaga
Fred Tomaselli
Rex Ray
Paul Henry Ramirez
Philip Taaffe
Terry Winters
Lari Pittman
Elisabeth Condon
Alexander Ross
Alexis Rockman
Faith Wilding
Elliot Green
Eugene von Bruenchenheim
Tiffany Bozic
Kelsey Brooks
Hieronymous Bosch
Jenny Kendler
Chris Garofalo
Nicole Gordon
Ebony Patterson
Bruce Riley
Ruben Aguirre
Michiko Itani
Alison Ruttan
Geoffery Todd Smith
Paul Nudd
Kale Tunnessen
Raul Ortiz
Robin Dluzen
Vincent van Gogh
Nikki Renee Anderson

Bad at Sports podcast - founded by Duncan MacKenzie, Richard Holland and Amanda Browder
The Franklin - Edra Soto and Dan Sullivan
A Field Guide to Color: A Watercolor Workbook - Lisa Solomon
I Like Your Work Podcast - Erika b Hess


Thank you for listening! 

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