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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Artist Interview: Astrid Dick

 Words of the Day: faith. patience. sensuousness. rigor. energy.

Paris based painter Astrid Dick joins the program for a conversation. We talk about painting as spending the best hours of every day, words and their relationship to taking painting in personally and in conversation with others, how faith in painting triggers more faith and more.

Also, previous guest Lauren G. Levine sent in a question and some thoughts for Astrid which I share in the interview, thanks Lauren!

Welcome, Astrid Dick to conversation...listen below...



Audio interview with the artist:


Mentioned in the conversation:

Vincent van Gogh

El Greco

J. M. W. Turner 

Jimi Hendrix

Howard Hodgkin

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Art Spiel article written by Astrid here: Art Spiel 

The artist's website: Astrid Dick

 instagram: @chastrida


Thank you Astrid for the conversation and for sharing, and to Lauren for her interview question!


Thanks, listeners! 


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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Artist Interview: Sarah Boyts Yoder

Words of the day: color. improv. hungry. iteration. attention. guru. 

This episode's guest is Charlottesville, Virginia based painter Sarah Boyts Yoder. In the conversation Sarah draws parallels between music and painting, collecting visuals subconsciously through experiences outside of the studio, not to mention the practice of hoarding paint, and what the viewer can be for a finished piece of art… Sarah also shares a bit on being a mother and what the artist in her was doing while reading books to her children. And more… 

We have the 'five words' question making its appearance in the interview so don’t miss that. And keep your ears tuned in for a few questions submitted by previous ahtcast guest Fiona Stanbury, thanks for the great questions Fiona. 

So let’s listen in and welcome Sarah Boyts Yoder to ahtcast! 


Sarah Boyts Yoder in her studio




Night Shop
Acrylic and paint stick on paper
11.5" x 9.5"

Winter Azalea
Acrylic, spray paint, paint stick on panel
24" x 18" 

 Persimmon Canyon
Acrylic, spray paint, paint stick on linen
64" x 50"

Here Is How To Cut Them Down: Scythes
Acrylic on found map
56" x 40"

Quarantine Works On Paper
Mixed media on paper
Dimensions variable

Audio interview with the artist:
The artist's website: Sarah Boyts Yoder
 Instagram: @sarahboytsyoder
Mentioned in the conversation:
Georgia O'keeffe
Robert Motherwell
Wangechi Mutu
Keltie Ferris
Twyla Tharp
Amy Sillman
Elizabeth Murray
Quotes Sarah would like to share:
"Things that I react to strongly, I don't question, I just go for them. I don't ask, 'Why am I attracted to you?'" 
-Wangechi Mutu
'I guess in brief, I think abstraction is very much like humor in a way, because it's a form that resists or refuses -- refuses what? I guess the preconceived*. It's a kind of negation, but it's also a generous condition, "not this, maybe that, or maybe somewhere between".

-Amy Sillman



'I have to find signs that are related to the quality of my own invention. These will be new plastic signs which in their turn will be absorbed into the common language if what I say by their means has any importance for other people.' 

- Henri Matisse, from a conversation with Louis Aragon: On Signs, 1942



 Thank you Sarah! And many thanks to previous ahtcast guest Fiona Stanbury for sending some questions in for Sarah!


 Thanks for listening! 



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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Artist Interview: Douglas Witmer

Words of the day: elemental. aspire. ambient. place. context.

Philadelphia based painter Douglas Witmer joins me for a conversation on this episode. The interview starts of with Douglas sharing some of his early experiences with art and what feeds his work most. Then the conversation focuses on his ambient album FORTY, FOR YOU, a forty track album where each track is paired up with a painting. We talk about the relationship between the music and the paintings and what Douglas' process was like changing up the format a bit within his studio practice. The paintings, as well as the music, are an invitation for contemplation... Listen below for more! 


Day 9

10 inches square 

acrylic on paper


Day 23

10 inches square 

acrylic on paper




installation view of entire set of paintings

Douglas Witmer in his Philadelphia studio

More work by Douglas:

35 x 28 inches
Acrylic on canvas

Audio interview with the artist:

Mentioned in the interview:

 Agnes Martin

Franz Kline


Rothko Chapel

Morton Feldman

Tantra paintings

Tibetan prayer flags

Jane Rohrer 

Warren Rohrer


 Link to the digital album FORTY, FOR YOU on bandcamp: FORTY, FOR YOU

 Douglas Witmer's website: Douglas Witmer

Instagram: @dgelless

Current virtual show at: Gallerie Biesenbach


Submitted questions for this interview by previous ahtcast guest Cat Balco.

Thank you Cat!

Below is a work from the series School Papers by Douglas that Cat Balco asks about directly



School Papers

Dimensions variable. approx 9 x 6 inches

Mixed media on found paper





Thank you for listening! 



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Monday, February 22, 2021

Artist Interview: Ron Fortier

Words of the day: gesture. narrative. emotion. abstraction. lineage.

This episode's guest is Fairhaven, Massachusetts based painter Ron Fortier. In my chat with Ron you’ll find detailed accounts of his past, present, and even what the future will hold for his paintings,... along with a healthy list of artist from the lineage that is his rich continuing story. 

Also in the episode...lots of materials shop talk as well as the challenges inherent to abstraction, and narrative work, as he works in both concentrations. 

Ron is also the host of The Southcoast Artists Index's In Focus podcast, he shares a bit about his podcast's goal as well. Listen below for more!



New Bedford Arctic Whaling Disaster of 1871: The Window - 2 

24" x 24" 

Acrylic on stretched canvas






America's Guernica: Greenwood - 5 

24" x 24" 

Acrylic on stretched canvas

PEB #4 - 2019
20" x 16"

Acrylic on stretched canvas

45 MNO 13 – 2018

24" x 24" 
Acrylic on stretched canvas
The artist's website: Ron Fortier
instagram: @ron.fortier
Audio interview with the artist:



Ron Fortier in his studio


Mentioned in the interview: 


Jane Ferris Richardson

Dante Vena

Peter London

Francisco Rapoza

Herbert Cummings

Ed Togneri

Bill Elliott

Frank McCoy

Kilburn Mill in New Bedford, MA

Luis Villanueva

Don Wilkinson

Mark Rothko

Joseph Mallord William Turner


Rene Magritte

Ernst Gombrich

Julian Schnabel

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Vincent van Gogh

Frank Grace

Stephen Remick


 Ron Fortier is also the host of The Southcoast Artists Index's In Focus podcast, check it out here: The Artists Index

Do check that out and give a listen and follow!



  Thank you for listening! 



(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)