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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Artist Interview: Susan Carr Revisited

Words of the day: material. zombies. directly. from. life. awareness.

Welcome! In this episode Cape Cod based artist Susan Carr returns to the ahtcast studio for a walk back into her work. Susan shares the personal stories behind her new visual work as well as her written pieces that can be found in her book "Tensions" published by Raw Meat Collective. 
Truly an important experience hearing Susan raise awareness on very real parts of life such as death, addiction, mental-illness, and how most importantly that all we have is today and right now...so make some art! Not to mention that Susan reads two of her written pieces for the episode!
Check out the work, and listen on the player below! 

The eyes traveled
enamel on rag 

Making friends with Zombies
oil on wood 

Big Momma
mixed with acrylic, plaster, and wood


More works by Susan:

Susan Carr on instagram: susancarr88

Audio interview:

Mentioned in the interview:

LABspace @labspace_art on instagram
Julie Torres
Ellen Letcher
LABspace will be hosting Susan's solo show "In My Room" late summer/early fall. Stay tuned to the gallery's instagram for updates!
Susan Carr's solo show In MY Room opens at LABspace 
Sat. and Sun. September 12th and 13th 2020 1-5pm! 
2642 NY Route 23
Hillsdale, NY 12529
Brian Edmonds
Curating Contemporary
Susan Carr
Melanie Parke
Valerie Brennan
Sabine Tress
Mandy Lyn Ford
Ellen Siebers
Susan Carr's book "Tensions"
published by Raw Meat Collective with an introduction by Kyle Quinn.
More info by clicking the word "Tensions" in the line above! 

Thanks for listening! 

and Big Thanks to Susan Carr for sharing!


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