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Monday, January 24, 2022

Artist Interview: Sabine Tress | Space Oddities

Words of the day: gesture. vulnerability. consciousness. Zero gravity.

For this episode Sabine Tress returns to the podcast, from her studio in Cologne, Germany, to discuss the work in her solo show Space Oddities. 

This conversation acts mostly as a virtual tour of Sabine’s exhibition. It details the relationships between the actual exhibition space, the paintings, the viewer, and the painter herself. Somehow I make my way into the mix as well. 

I did not know this interview would journey in the direction it did, it wasn’t until editing did I realized how these states were apparent. This recording creates a virtual venue where the show takes place for those who can’t make it to the brick and mortar space, and yet helps make it a show not to miss in person. Listen below...


180 x 140cm/70 x 55in

acrylic on canvas



180 x 140cm/70 x 55in

acrylic on canvas


Ma Vie Sous Marine

180 x 140cm/70 x 55in 

spray and acrylic on canvas



Audio interview with the artist:



The artist's website: Sabine Tress


  Space Oddities runs through February 12th 2022

at Esther Verhaeghe Art Concepts

Brussles, Belgium


More info on the show: Esther Verhaeghe Art Concepts


  Esther Verhaeghe and Sabine Tress!




She's vague

180 x 140cm/70 x 55in

acrylic and spray on canvas


Sabine Tress,...congrats and thanks for the conversation!



(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)

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