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Monday, March 14, 2022

Artist Interview: Guest Host Lauren Levine interviews Paul Behnke

Words of the day: figuration. abstraction. sketchbook. practice. driven.

Guest host Lauren G. Levine takes over the interview mic to talk with fellow painter Paul Behnke about his work and practice, as well as his move to Taos, NM with his wife.

Paul also shares his thoughts about ways of working on his paintings, his sketchbook practice, and how his current living conditions and location influence, or don’t influence, his current body of work. And more…listen below...

2 paintings by guest host Lauren Levine:

In The Grasses, Underfoot

Oil on canvas


72 x 60 inches

What's the Sky's Name Again?

Oil on canvas


72 x 60 inches


 Guest host, painter Lauren G. Levine



2 paintings by featured interview guest Paul Behnke:


 Spirit Double

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas


44 x 42 inches




Acrylic on canvas


44 x 42 inches



Featured interview guest, painter Paul Behnke in his studio Taos, NM, photo by Robin Stout



Audio conversation between Levine and Behnke:

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More from Lauren Levine and Paul Behnke:

Levine's website: Lauren Levine

instagram: @laurenglevineart
Paul's website: Paul Behnke 
instagram: @paulbehnkepaintings 
Mentioned in the conversation:
Jack Kirby
John Hoyland
Rorschach test
Debra Ramsay
James Kalm
Wassily Kandinsky
Patrick Graham
Lawrence Durrell
Nicole Eisenman
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 
Emil Nolde
Henry Miller
Graham Dane
Many thanks to guest host Lauren G. Levine. And also to Paul Behnke for being a great guest! I'm grateful for their conversation.
 Thanks for listening!
(original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)

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