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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Artist Interview: Meg Lipke

Words of the day: work and work and work and work. destroy. 

Meg Lipke joins ahtcast for this interview. Working out of Brooklyn and drawing and collaborating with the past to create a modern conversation. Carrying the experience of an art filled background, Lipke shares that an artist has to work with a "faith" to get through creative blocks and figure it out. She also describes where, and how, the ideas tend to flow. What is painting? Lipke responds: "It's where one works out..." Listen below for more!

 Sinclair, 2013, fabric dye and beeswax on wool felt, 108 x 108 in

 Installation of Sample Narrative at Parallel Art Space, 2014, mixed media, dimensions variable, (here 84 x 90 in)

 Sample Element, 2013, marker, fabric dye and gesso on cardboard, 18 x 20 in

 Untitled, 2012 -13; fabric dye and beeswax resist on watercolor paper, 60 x 40 in

Untitled Sketch, 2013, ink and fabric dye on paper, 12 x 15 in

The artist's website: Meg Lipke

Audio interview:

Meg Lipke in her studio 

Artists etc. mentioned in the conversation:

Sample Narrative at Parallel Art Space: Essay on Lipke's work by Enrico Gomez.

PAIR at Proto Gallery. Curated by Ian White Williams: Coverage on Gallery Travels: a blog by Anne Russinof

Brooklyn Rail article mentioned in the interview: Bill Jensen with Chris Martin

Georges Braque

(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen. Outro music by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips)

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