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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Artist Interview: Marion Lane

California based artist, Marion Lane, joins ahtcast and reveals aspects of her process and practice. Lane's philosophy on working is as fluid as her paintings would suggest. Highly experimental techniques, that didn't develop overnight, are executed in a masterful way. Listen in as we discuss the importance of the internet and building and supporting an artist community for oneself. Interesting takes on creative block and letting the process naturally unfold are also part of this episode. Listen below for more! 

24 in square
acrylic on panel 2012

 Well Hello Kitty Cat
46 in square
acrylic on panel 2013

 Sunset Alley Tamale
46 in square 
acrylic on panel 2013

Wild West
 Acrylic on Panel
 46 in. square 2013

The artist's website: Marion Lane

Audio interview with the artist:

Artist quote that Marion Lane would like to share:

"Painting is paint on a flat surface.
Nothing more nothing less.
Make something happen there, I dare you."

-artist statement by Doug Edge 2013

Below is an exceptional video detailing Lane's process as she works. You will notice the skillful way the paint is handled and even get some nice glimpses into the mysterious techniques used. Worth watching:

Lane would like to thank the community of artists in Los Angeles, as well as the community of artists on-line that she has connected with.

(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen. Outro music by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips)


  1. I just discovered this site from Aubrey Levinthal's blog, it is brilliant, thank you so much for all the amazing interviews!! I have been listening to them all week.

    1. Hi Annamaria, so glad you have been enjoying the interviews! Nice of you to seek out the blog. Many thanks to Aubrey Levinthal for the mention. Cheers!