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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Artist Interview: Julie Torres, Brian Edmonds: Artist as Curator

To curate. To collaborate. To D.I.Y. Join ahtcast in this conversation with Julie Torres and Brian Edmonds. Both artists and curators etc. In this episode, they have shared the details of their experiences in curating along with a bit about their other projects and things on the horizon. Listen in as we are taken into how their respective projects have come together via connecting with other artists, both at home and abroad. Torres and Edmonds continue to delight with their projects and show no signs of an end in sight. Artists that curate. 
I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I have. Listen in below!

Julie Torres collaborating with Justine Frischmann in San Rafael
(photo: Justine Frischmann)

 Brian Edmonds in his studio

Julie Torres and Brian Edmonds in Conversation:

*UPDATE: For info on "Do It Yourself" B.O.S. 2014, 10 exhibitions under one roof, curated by artists from around the U.S. and organized by Julie Torres, please visit this link: Do It Yourself BOS 2014

Projects by Julie Torres:

W.I.L.A.Y. 2013 coverage on Paul Behnke's blog, Structure and Imagery: W.I.L.A.Y. 2013 

Julie Torres' website: Julie Torres 

Projects by Brian Edmonds:

Brian Edmonds' website: Brian Edmonds 

Artists etc. mentioned in the conversation:

Jason Andrew, Norte Maar
Joy Curtis, Mike Olin, Pioneers of Inspration
Paul D'Agostino, Centotto
Curating Contemporary
Neon Sky (web hosting)
John Elderfield 
Julian Schnabel
"Heroes" at Small Black Door: Covered by James Kalm Rough Cut on YouTube
T. J. Donovan
Sabine Tress
Paul Behnke
Vincent Hawkins
Karl Bielek
Inga Dalrymple
Fred Valentine
Julie Alexander

and coming soon:
Curating Contemporary Projects by Brian Edmonds

Works by the guests:

Julie Torres
Untitled, 18x14 Acrylic on Canvas  
Ground Floor Gallery 2013
(photo courtesy Anne Russinof)

 Brian Edmonds
Morning Lightning (2013)  
36 x 36 in. 
Acrylic, paint stick, and pastel on board

W.I.L.A.Y. BOS 2013 participating artists at Imogen Holloway
(photo by Lorna Milburn)

(Original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)

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