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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Artist Interview: EC

London based artist, EC joins ahtcast for this interview. We discuss the value of preliminary work and all of it's different forms. EC also talks about the beginnings of a painting and how "automatic writing" plays a big part of the initial marks on the canvas. Responding intuitively and improvisation are important to EC's process as well. Some great quotes shared in this one! Listen below for more.

60 x 80 cm’s, (23"x31") EC 2013

UNTITLED (SOTTO), Acrylic, Gesso, Spray paint, 
60 x 80 cm’s, (23"x31") EC 2013

UNTITLED (Toward Splitting), Acrylic & ink on canvas, 
52 x 41 cm’s, (20"x16") EC 2013

 Untitled, Acrylic, oil-based household paints, oil & permanent marker on cotton, 123 x 153 cm’s, (48"x60") EC 2012

Untitled, Oil, oil-based household paint, oil stick, acrylic & spray paint on cotton 123 x 92 cm’s approx, (48"x36") EC 2012

The artist's website: EC

Audio interview with the artist:

EC's studio

Artists etc. mentioned in the interview:

Stephen B. MacInnis "Have you met...?" Series
Mark Rothko
Pablo Picasso
Piero della Francesca 
Francisco Goya
 Josef Albers 
 Barnett Newman
Clyford Still
Robert Motherwell
Lee Krasner
Jackson Pollock
Frank Stella
Ad Reinhardt
Roger Hilton
Forrest Bess
Alfredo Volpi
 Jannis Kounellis
Robert Ryman
Agnes Martin
Milton Avery
Rudolf Arnheim
Carl Jung

A couple of the quotes shared in the interview:

"The profoundest order is revealed in what is most casual." 
Fairfield Porter

 "I come into the studio very fearfully. I creep in to see what happened the night before. And the feeling is one of, ‘My God, did I do that?’"--Philip Guston

(intro/outro music by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips) 

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