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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Artist Interview: Julia Schwartz

Santa Monica, California artist, Julia Schwartz, joins ahtcast for this interview. Schwartz describes how she paints regardless of creative block and feels that social media has become a great artist community. Schwartz goes on to detail how she is open to the world and how it unfolds, and takes her experiences into the studio. "The more I've been painting, the more wordless I become." Listen below!

 Dummkopf 2013 oil on board 10x8 inches

 little drop of sunlight, 2013 oil on linen, 14x11 inches

 studio view 2012 oil on linen 10x8 inches

 ice XXV (after the visit) 2011 oil on canvas 20x20 inches

narcissus on the rocks, 2012 oil on canvas 24x18 inches

The Artist's website: Julia Schwartz 

Audio interview with the artist:

Julia Schwartz in her studio

Artists etc. mentioned in the interview:
Brian Edmonds
Curating Contemporary
Figure/Ground Communication
Chas Garabedian
Egon Schiele
Richard Diebenkorn
Nathan Oliveira
Katherine Bradford
James Rosenquist
Margaret Atwood
Jerry Saltz

(podcast intro/outro music by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips)


  1. thanks for these great interviews and introductions to new artists for me


  2. SO good to hear Julia's voice. I enjoyed hearing her speak about her work.

  3. thanks, Connie! and thank you, Phillip, for inviting me to speak. Julia