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Friday, July 26, 2013

Artist Interview: Suzanne Laura Kammin

Suzanne Laura Kammin, a Newark, New Jersey based artist, takes us into her process and thoughts on being a painter who likes to play with the reversal of figure ground only to flip it back again. Suzanne talks about the processes she uses to "eliminate the anxiety of destroying a work." She also speaks of her highly experimental past and what enjoying both representational and abstract painting can do to one's process. Listen below for more.

2013; oil on panel; 36 inches by 36 inches

Many Happy Returns
 2013; oil on panel; 36 inches by 36 inches

Rocket's Blast
2013; oil on panel; 40 inches x 40 inches

2013; oil on panel; 16 inches by 12 inches

Snake Charmer
2013; oil on panel; 16 inches by 16 inches

The Over Under
2012-2013; oil on panel; 20 inches by 56 inches (triptych)

The Artist's website: Suzanne Laura Kammin

Audio interview with the artist:

 Suzanne Laura Kammin in her studio

Artists etc. mentioned in the interview:

Jean Dubuffet

Edgar Degas

Willem de Kooning

Frank Nitsche

Neo Rauch

Andrew Baron

John Singer Sargent

 James McNeill Whistler

Jackson Pollock 

Carl Rogers

Bruce Samuelson

Alberto Giacometti

Notan Design

(intro/outro music by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips. Also appearing in this episode is the song: "The Shaping of a Helpless Joy" by Saxon Shore)


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