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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Artist Interview: Susan Carr

This interview is a special one. It made it's way into more of casual conversation, and one where Susan Carr and I interviewed each other. Carr, a Cape Cod based artist, decided to visit my home and studio. During the visit, we sat and talked about the aspects of our work and process. I found that we shared some of the same views based on the interview questions. We viewed each others work and it helped the interview along. I really enjoyed our chat and what she had to say. Take a listen below. (due to irregular sound levels, this episode is not recommended for use with headphones)

Works by Susan Carr:

"Pinkie" 8"x10" collage, mixed media 2011 

  "untitled" 12"x14" oil on wood 2011 

 "Body in Country"  9"x12" oil on wood 2013 

"untitled" 10"x14" oil on wood 2011

"Starship" 2' x 2' oil on wood

Works by myself:

 "Thought bubble-gum attack-a-lacka" 36"x60" acrylic on canvas 2012

 "Untitled" acrylic and latex on foam 2013

 Susan Carr's paint trowel, as part of an installation

Susan Carr

The artist's blog: Susan Carr

 Audio conversation:

Artists etc. mentioned in the conversation: Philip Guston, Jackson Pollock, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Elizabeth Murray, Jonathan Lasker, Tim McFarlane, Charles Burwell, Heidi Pollard, Thomas Nozkowski, Richard Tuttle, Tracy Silva Barbosa, Jeff Perrott, Jamie Powell, Martina Nehrling, Joan Snyder, Frank Auerbach, Eugene Leroy, Karel Appell, Willem de Kooning, Melanie Parke, Sabine Tress, Valerie Brennen, Joshua J. Barbosa, Lucy Mink, Susan Scott, Robert Motherwell, Tal R, Rainer Maria Rilke, Mark Strand, William Blake.

(podcast intro/outro music by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips)


  1. Wonderful interview - I love to read and listen to interviews with artists and I'm friends with you both on Facebook, and having just found this site (through Valerie Brennan, another friend of mine) I will read your interviews with other artists, most of whose work I already know through FB. I really like your work, and Susan's.

    1. Hello Fiona,
      It sounds like you had a good experience with this interview, that's great! Thank you for listening.