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Saturday, March 28, 2020

No Place Like Home: Poetry and Social Distancing

Here is a post quite different from what ahtcast is used to. Though visual art is still of importance, I felt called to record some local to me poets to do some readings from their homes and offer up some sharing on social distancing and coping. 

I hope we can feel together even though we are apart. And through technology available to us we can. Especially with live video streams of music performances, sharing more widely of the art we all are making, and poetry readings from afar. 

Thanks for tuning in, I truly hope you enjoy these recordings and may they take you somewhere deep inside your imagination, or outside in your memories. This will pass. Let's stick together out there from in here.


Part 1. 
Featuring readings of original poetry by Nick LeBlanc. Susan Carr. Kevin Seward. below:


 Part 2. Featuring readings of original poetry, and that of Maya Angelou, William Butler Yeats, and Mary Oliver, by Sarah Jane. Alex Perry. Jill Marie. below:

Some links etc:

Domesticated Primate website
and on instagram @domprimpub 

More work by Alex Perry: The Cataclysm Press

Susan Carr's book: "Tensions" 

More from Kevin Seward: Words and music on bandcamp: Nothing to do And also: Ghosts of New Jerusalem
Noise music by Kevin: Marshwalk

Additionally...please seek out Anomaly poetry on facebook, and on instagram @anomaly.poetry

No Place Like Home painting above by Jill Marie @illustrationsbyjill on instagram

Thanks so much to the poets for their readings and conversation. And to the listeners...thank you for tuning in. 

And to all, may we be safe and healthy.



(original intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)

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