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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Artist Interview: Dennis Michael Jones

 "I saw a rainbow so close to the ground that it colored the earth and everything nearby and then in the next moment it was gone, but the experience lingered in my memory long afterward.  I imagined what it would be like to live in such a polychromatic world...so I became a painter." - Dennis Michael Jones

 sometimes there's so much more, 70"x 79", acrylic, spray enamel on five canvas panels, 2013

 Michigan artist, Dennis Michael Jones, details his inspirations and process. Jones goes into the importance of making notations to fuel his work, and how he respects the digital side of making art. He works with both text and spacial explorations with color and abstraction, and feels that there is an inherent "directness" with words and a "slippery meaning" when dealing with abstraction. Take a listen below!

 sometimes there are so many things not worth saying 30x34 acrylic on canvas 2012

 sometimes words get in the way, 68"x120", acrylic and spray enamel on four canvas panels, 2012

 sometimes I dream about it, 68"x 48", acrylic, latex, spray enamel on canvas, 2013

 Selected Text Work:

Audio interview with the artist:

Artists etc. mentioned in the interview:
Glenn Brown
Wade Guyton
Ed Ruscha
Mel Bochner
Richard Artschwager
Bruce Nauman
Fluxus Artists
Ian Hamilton Finlay
Edgar Allan Poe
T.S. Eliot
Gerhard Richter

(podcast intro/outro music by Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips)   

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