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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Artist Interview: Jamey Hart

Words of the day: weird. snow. cat. chewing gum. shift. color. 

Jamey Hart is an artist, poet, and musician based in Cleveland, OH. In this interview we talk about his ways of working with materials, and the relationship of those materials, to his hands, and to the viewer. It's a journey that Hart himself hopes to meet the viewer on the other side of the works in a relatively close proximity. These encounters occur somewhere in a conversation of  honest, and somewhat unfinished works, objects, words and songs.....Listen below for more! Thank you. 

"Water Shovel"
Acrylic paint, string, wood, fabric, glues, wood stain, nails, and other little things.
Approx: 23”x9”x4”

“Shy Bully”
Acrylic paint, paper, glues, bed sheets, oak flooring, canvas wrapped on wood panel, nails, polyacrylic, gloss medium, sponges, other mess.
Approx: 56″x69″x5″

“Don’t Know Feelings”
Acrylic paint, string, wood, plastic pieces, wood stain, and other mess.
Approx: 11”x18”x2”

“Little Underwater Murder” 
Acrylic paint, ballpoint pen, glues, and polyacrylic on matte board and paper.
Approx: 4.5”x5”

Cement, string, glue, fabric, acrylic paint, mesh bag, plaster, metal pole, polyurethane.
Approx: 10″x36″x16″

Audio interview with the artist:

Jamey Hart

“Two Sort of Circles Being Another Thing” 
Acrylic paint, glues, polyurethane, string, fabric, curtain rods, shirt sleeve.
Approx: 20”x28”x2”

“Topsy Turvy”
Acrylic paint, wood stain, and string on porcelain.
Approx: 8”x10”x2”

String, puff ball, fabric, wood stain and polyurethane on boulder.
Approx: 8″x14″x6″

“Tear Drop”
Acrylic paint, music box clown, table cloth, and string.

Artist's etc. mentioned in the conversation: 

Richard Tuttle
Emily Dickinson
Franz West
Korean moon jar
E. E. Cummings
Cy Twombly

Jamey Hart's art website: Jamey Hart visual work

More about Jamey Hart's poetry on blurb: Jamey Hart poetry

 (Original podcast intro song by David T Miller and Phillip J. Mellen)

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